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I've been a pretty regular guest on America's most listened-to night-time radio show, Coast-to-Coast AM, which tackles everything from mainstream science to conspiracy theories. To date I've been on 14 times since my first appearance back in 2003. Most of these are two-hour-long interviews with George Noory (one is with Art Bell, and the most recent with John B. Wells) followed by an hour-long call-in, during which listeners put all manner of questions to me. For a complete listing of my appearances visit my biography page at the Coast-to-Coast website.

You can download any of the interviews by subscribing to the C2C streaming service (this also allows you to listen to shows live). Additionally, some are available on Youtube and other video streaming sites.

My most recent interview, on April 27-28, lasting a full four hours, with John B. Wells interviewing, was about megacatastrophes – the subject of my new book Megacatastrophes: Nine Strange Ways the World Could End. John and I ranged over everything from the perils of nantotechnology to the dangers of brain-computer links, out-of-control pandemics, and alien invasion. Sleep well! There are various Youtube postings of the interview – for example here. Black hole eating the earth
On June 8-9, I did my first show on the topic of megacatastrophes. Topics covered included asteroid strikes, nearby exploding stars, and the dangers from physics experiments that go out of control. Scary stuff! Asteroid approaching the Earth
On March 21-22, 2010, I was talking about extraterrestrial life, and why I believe we have already found it within the Solar System – the subject of my new book We Are Not Alone (co-authored with Dirk Schulze-Makuch). Viking 1 on the surface of Mars
My debate on C2C with Richard Hoagland about the nature of Iapetus. Iapetus