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An alien child who lives alone on Alpha Onias III. Desperate for companionship, he ensnares Commander William Riker in a multilayered virtual reality in which he (Barash) appears as a human boy (TNG: "Future Imperfect".)

Barash's home planet had been invaded sometime around 2360. In an effort to keep him safe from the enemy, Barash's mother took him to the uninhabited world of Alpha Onias III. There she placed him in a large underground cavern and equipped it with neural scanners and other equipment by which her child's thoughts and desires could be given substance. As Barash grew older, however, he began to yearn for a real playmate instead of the fantasies supplied by his holodeck-like environment.

In 2367, the USS Enterprise-D picks up unusual energy readings from Alpha Onias III. As the planet lies close to the Neutral Zone, Romulan involvement is suspected (though, in fact, the energy source is Barash's equipment). Riker, Worf, and Geordi La Forge transport down into the subterranean cavern to investigate but are quickly overcome by toxic gases. Worf and La Forge manage to beam back to the Enterprise, but Riker is trapped on the planet.

Barash and Riker
Here is the opportunity for which Barash has waited – to have a living, breathing companion, and a father-figure at that. Using his virtual reality generating technology, Barash projects Riker 16 years into an imaginary future. Upon regaining consciousness, Riker finds himself back onboard the Enterprise but now as its captain and the single father of a 10-year-old son, Jean-Luc (Barash in human guise). His complete absense of memories since landing on Alpha Onias III is explained by the (unreal) Dr. Crusher as the result of being infected by Altarian encephalitis.

For a while, Riker buys into his new circumstances even half-accepting what a bearded "Admiral" Picard has to say about imminent peace with the Romulans. But then Riker starts to have doubts about what is going on. Barash's equipment can't keep the simulation going in real time: the Enterprise's computer is to slow to repond, as are the bridge officers when questioned by Riker about past events. The final straw is when Riker recognizes a recording of his wife as being a holographic character, called Minuet, that he once created.

The Enterprise illusion shatters and Riker wakes up in a Romulan laboratory on Alpha Onias III. He is put in a prison cell with Ethan, a boy exactly like his illusory son. Together they escape but then Ethan (Barash) makes the mistake of referring to the Romulan Tomalak as "ambassador", a position he held only in the earlier illusion. Barash then reveals his true nature. Riker offers him safety and companionship aboard the Enterprise, and the two transport back to the ship.

Barash was played by Dana Tjowander.

The Barash face mold

The mold used at Paramount Studios to create the true face of the alien Barash as he appears in the final scenes of "Future Imperfect" is shown in the illustrations below. This mold is now owned by David Darling.

Barash face mold Barash face mold Barash face mold

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