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Two new Jovian-class planets Apr 27, 2000
Enigmatic features at Martian pole Apr 13, 2000
First Astrobiology Science Conference Apr 6, 2000

Two new Jovian-class planets
(Apr. 27, 2000)

The discovery of two more Jovian-class extrasolar planets was announced by the San Francisco Planet Search team. They are in orbit around the metal-rich stars BD-10 3166 and HD 52265.

MGS image of polar craters
Enigmatic features at Martian pole
(Apr. 13, 2000)

Two mosaics of images taken of the Martian south polar cap by Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) reveal curious features that planetary geologists are struggling to decipher, including the crater-like features shown here. This region was to have been the target of the failed Mars Polar Lander and is important because it undoubtedly preserves a record of the Red Planet's climatological past.

For more, visit the MGS homepage.

First Astrobiology Science Conference
(Apr. 6, 2000)

The First Astrobiology Science Conference was held at the NASA Ames Research Center, April 3-5, and attended by 600 scientists from around the world – three times the number originally expected. For abstracts of the oral presentations and posters, go here.


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