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SPACE & SCIENCE NEWS: December 2009
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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Both of NASA's Mars orbiters are down for the count
(Dec 2, 2009)

The Red Planet is experiencing a partial radio blackout this week, as both of NASA's Mars orbiters have been felled by technical glitches. Until one of the probes can be brought back online later this week, the outages will delay operation of the twin Mars rovers, which use the orbiters to efficiently relay data back to Earth.

Read more. Source: New Scientist

Lake asymmetry on Titan
Scientists explain puzzling lake asymmetry on Titan
(Dec 1, 2009)

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and other institutions suggest that the eccentricity of Saturn's orbit around the Sun may be responsible for the unusually uneven distribution of lakes over the northern and southern polar regions of the planet's largest moon, Titan. A paper describing the theory appears in the Nov. 29 advance online edition of Nature Geoscience.

Read more. Source: NASA/JPL

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