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SPACE & SCIENCE NEWS: January 2011
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Very Large Telescope
Wreckage is from 'pristine star'
(Jan 5, 2011)

UK and US scientists have found the remnants of a star that exploded more than 13 billion years ago. It would most probably have been one of the very first stars to shine in the Universe, they say. All that is left of this pioneer is the gas cloud it threw out into space when it blew itself apart.

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Stars in various stages of evolution in the Andromeda Galaxy
Birth and death within Andromeda
(Jan 4, 2011)

The great life cycle of stars, from the moment they switch on to the point they destroy themselves, is caught in a new view of the Andromeda Galaxy. This picture combines the power of Europe's Herschel and XMM-Newton space telescopes. Herschel is sensitive to infrared light and sees the cold clouds of gas and dust where stars are forming. XMM-Newton, on the other hand, sees X-rays, a signature of the violent cosmos and the death throes of stars.

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Studies of spiral galaxies such as Andromeda, pictured here in infrared wavelengths, have provided clues to dark matter's gravitational effects. But more immediate evidence for dark matter's existence, and clues to its true nature, has remained elusive. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA
Reliance on indirect evidence fuels dark matter doubts
(Jan 2, 2011)

A small but vocal group of cosmologists is challenging the dark matter tenets of the widely accepted cosmological model, which holds that the universe is composed of roughly 70 percent dark energy, 25 percent dark matter, and only 5 percent normal (or baryonic) matter. These scientists think the answer to various observational anomalies lies with a modified theory of gravity.

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