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Archeo-news archive: November-December 2006

Ceiling mural at St. Paul's cathedral
St Paul's tomb unearthed in Rome
(Dec 8, 2006)

Archaeologists working for the Vatican have unearthed a sarcophagus containing what they believe are the remains of St Paul the Apostle. The tomb dates back to at least AD 390 and was found in a crypt under a basilica in Rome. It has long been thought that the crypt contained the tomb of St Paul but the altar had hidden it.

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Tutankhamen mask
Boy king may have died in riding accident
(Nov 28, 2006)

The world's most celebrated boy king, Tutankhamun, may have died after badly breaking a leg while playing sport. A detailed scan of the mummy, which was uncovered in the Valley of Kings in 1922, has revealed the high-impact fracture as the most likely cause of death. Speculation over the death of Tutankhamun has raged since the mummy was first inspected in 1925, three years after his tomb was excavated by Howard Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon.

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archaeologist measuring grave
Tomb find reveals pre-Inca city
(Nov 22, 2006)

Archaeologists working in northern Peru have discovered a spectacular tomb complex about 1,000 years old. The complex contains at least 20 tombs, and dates from the pre-Inca Sican era. Among the discoveries are 12 "tumis", ceremonial knives which scientists have not been able to study in a burial site before, as well as ceramics and masks.

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amphorae in Roman shipwreck
Roman ship thrills archaeologists
(Nov 14, 2006)

A Roman ship, wrecked off the coast of Spain in the 1st Century AD, has been dazzling archaeologists with the array of historical treasures on board. Thirty metres (100ft) long and holding 400 tonnes, it is the largest Roman ship found in the Mediterranean. Chief amongst the goods the ship was carrying were hundreds of jars of garum – a fish sauce which was a favourite condiment for rich Romans.

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