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Archeo-news archive: September-October 2007

Roman tombstone found at Carberry
Roman tombstone found at Inveresk
(Oct 29, 2007)

The first Roman tombstone found in Scotland for 170 years has been unearthed at Carberry, near Inveresk. The red sandstone artefact was for a man called Crescens, a bodyguard for the governor who ran the province of Britain for the Roman Emperor. The National Museum of Scotland said the stone provided the strongest evidence yet that Inveresk was a pivotal Roman site in northern Britain.

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underground channel in Jerusalem used by Jews to escape from the Romans
Jews' Roman 'escape route' found
(Sep 11, 2007)

Archaeologists in Jerusalem say they have found an underground drainage channel that was used by Jews to escape from the Romans in 70 AD. The channel was buried under the rubble of the Second Temple, which was destroyed by Roman conquerors in the Siege of Jerusalem. Scores of people are thought to have sheltered and lived in the tunnel until they were able to flee the city.

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