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Archeo-news archive: November-December 2007

Romulus and Remus
'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed
(Nov 23, 2007)

Italian archaeologists say they have found the long-lost underground grotto where ancient Romans believed a female wolf suckled the city's twin founders. The cave believed to be the Lupercal was found near the ruins of Emperor Augustus' palace on the Palatine hill.

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drawing of a pottery vessel found at site in Puerto Escondido, Honduras
Pre-dating the love of chocolate
(Nov 13, 2007)

Chemical and archaeological evidence has pushed back the earliest known use of cacao, the key ingredient of chocolate, by 500 years. The chemical compound, theobromine, which only occurs in the cacao plant, has been found on pottery vessels dating back to as early as 1000 BC. Experts say the vessels were used to serve a fermented cacao drink that was made from the sweet pulp of the plant.

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Tutankhamun's head
King Tut's face unveiled to world
(Nov 4, 2007)

The face of one of Egypt's most mysterious ancient rulers, the boy king Tutankhamun, has been put on public view for the first time on Sunday. Archaeologists took the mummy from its stone sarcophagus and placed it in a climate-controlled case inside his tomb in Luxor's Valley of the Kings. The event comes exactly 85 years after the site was discovered by the British explorer Howard Carter.

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