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Archeo-news archive: March-April 2008

'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig
(Apr 9, 2008)

Archaeologists carrying out an excavation at Stonehenge say they have broken through to a layer that may finally explain why the site was built. The team has reached sockets that once held bluestones – smaller stones, most now missing or uprooted, which formed the site's original structure. The researchers now need to extract organic material from these holes to date when the bluestones first arrived.

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reconstruction of ancient Peruvian necklace
Necklace is 'oldest in Americas'
(Apr 1, 2008)

A necklace found near Lake Titicaca in southern Peru is the oldest known gold object made in the Americas, archaeologists say. Radiocarbon dating puts its origin at about 4,000 years ago, when hunter-gatherers occupied the area. The researchers say it appears to have been fashioned from gold nuggets.

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