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Archeo-news archive: May-June 2008

Possible Neanderthal tools found at West Sussex
'Neanderthal tools' found at dig
(Jun 23, 2008)

Dozens of tools thought to have belonged to Neanderthals have been dug up at an archaeological site called Beedings in West Sussex. Dr Matthew Pope, of University College London, said the discovery provides new insights into the life of a thriving community of hunters at the site. The tools could have been used to hunt horses, mammoth and woolly rhinoceros.

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Stonehenge 'a long-term cemetery'
(May 29, 2008)

Stonehenge served as a burial ground for much longer than had previously been believed, new research suggests. The site was used as a cemetery for 500 years, from the point of its inception. Archaeologists have said the cremation burials found at the site might represent a single elite family and its descendents – perhaps a ruling dynasty.

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early portrait of Elizabeth I
Rare Elizabeth I portrait found
(May 27, 2008)

A rare portrait of Queen Elizabeth I as a young princess has been discovered in a private collection at a stately home in Northamptonshire. The portrait, dating from 1650 to 1680, was found in the Duke of Buccleuch's collection at Boughton House. It shows Elizabeth with siblings Edward VI and Mary I, father Henry VIII and his jester, Will Somers.

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bust of Caesar found in the Rhone
Ancient bust of Caesar found in French river
(May 15, 2008)

French archaeologists have discovered a marble bust of Julius Caesar, believed to be the oldest found, at the bottom of the Rhone in Arles – a town founded by the Roman emperor. They believe the life-sized representation, showing a balding man in his fifties, dates from about 46BC, two years before his assassination.

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