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Archeo-news archive: July-August 2008

head of Faustina the Elder
Head of Roman empress unearthed
(Aug 14, 2008)

Archaeologists digging in Turkey have found the colossal marble head of a Roman empress. It was discovered in a rubble-filled building where parts of a huge statue of the emperor Hadrian were unearthed last year. The discovery, at the ancient site of Sagalassos, is thought to show Faustina the Elder, wife of Roman emperor Antoninus Pius.

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bust of Caesar found in the Rhone
Doubt over date for Brit invasion
(Jul 2, 2008)

Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain in 55BC could not have occurred on the dates stated in most history books, a team of astronomers have claimed. The traditional view is that Caesar landed in Britain on 26-27 August, but researchers from Texas State University say this cannot be right. Dr Donald Olson, an expert on tides, says that the English Channel was flowing the wrong way on this date.

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