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Archeo-news archive: September-October 2010

Skeleton of boy found at Stonehenge
Stonehenge boy 'was from the Med'
(Oct 2, 2010)

Chemical tests on teeth from an ancient burial near Stonehenge indicate that the person in the grave grew up around the Mediterranean Sea. The bones belong to a teenager who died 3,550 years ago and was buried with a distinctive amber necklace. The conclusions come from analysis of different forms of the elements oxygen and strontium in his tooth enamel.

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Reconstruction of Neanderthals
Neanderthals were able to 'develop their own tools'
(Sep 25, 2010)

Neanderthals were keen on innovation and technology and developed tools all on their own, scientists say. A new study challenges the view that our close relatives could advance only through contact with Homo sapiens. The team says climate change was partly responsible for forcing Neanderthals to innovate in order to survive.

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