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Archeo-news archive: November-December 2010

Syon Park skeleton
Roman settlement unearthed in Syon Park, west London
(Nov 18, 2010)

A Roman settlement filled with ancient artefacts and human remains has been found on a west London building site. Archaeologists excavating the listed Syon Park site made the discovery of more than 11,000 Roman items just half a meter below the ground. They were digging on the land ahead of the construction of a new hotel on the outskirts of the historical Syon Park Estate, near Brentford.

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A few items from the large Bronze Age hoard found in Essex in 2010
Bronze Age hoard found intact in Essex field
(Nov 2, 2010)

Archaeologists have unearthed a collection of Bronze Age axe heads, spear tips and other 3,000-year-old metal objects buried in an Essex field. The items include an intact pottery container with heavy contents which has been removed undisturbed. The materials are now at a local museum where archaeologists hope to uncover new insights into Bronze Age Britain.

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