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Health & longevity news archive: July-August 2008

Breast cancer cells
Cancer spread 'happens earlier'
(Aug 29, 2008)

Apparently "normal" cells may carry cancer to new sites long before a tumour develops, lying dormant until key genes are activated, experts say. US researchers say their findings, published in Science, could explain why some breast cancers lead to new tumours long after the disease is treated. Secondary, or metastatic, cancers are responsible for the majority of deaths from the disease.

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Alzheimer's brain
Alzheimer's drug 'halts' decline
(Aug 29, 2008)

UK scientists have developed a drug which may halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Trials of the drug, known as rember, in 321 patients showed an 81% difference in rate of mental decline compared with those not taking the treatment. The Aberdeen University researchers said the drug targeted the build-up of a specific protein in the brain.

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brain cells
Cell change 'keeps organs young'
(Aug 11, 2008)

Researchers may have found a way to halt the biological clock which slows down our bodies over the decades. A US team thinks it may have found the genetic levers to help boost a system vital to cleaning up faulty proteins within our cells. The journal Nature Medicine reported that the livers of genetically-altered older mice worked as well as those in younger animals.

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man sleeping
Sleeping soundly 'boosts memory'
(Jul 14, 2008)

A refreshing night's sleep may be the best way to boost memory, a study suggests. Researchers found sleep appears to have a dramatic impact on the way the brain functions the next day. It appears to strengthen connections between nerve cells in the brain – a process key to both learning and memory.

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Blood pressure measurement
Blood pressure 'link to dementia'
(Jul 8, 2008)

Controlling blood pressure from middle-age onwards may dramatically reduce the chances of developing dementia, researchers have said. Two studies support a link between high blood pressure and dementia risk - with one by an Imperial College London team suggesting treatment could cut this. This study, by published in the Lancet Neurology journal, found blood pressure drugs reduce dementia by 13%.

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Mediterranean diet
Mediterranean diet 'cuts cancer'
(Jul 2, 2008)

Adopting just a couple of elements of the Mediterranean diet could cut the risk of cancer by 12%, say scientists. A study of 26,000 Greek people found just using more olive oil alone cut the risk by 9%. The diet, reports the British Journal of Cancer, also includes higher amounts of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and less red meat.

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