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Health & longevity news archive: May-June 2009

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Prostate cancer: shock breakthrough
(Jun 20, 2009)

Two patients with inoperable prostate cancer have made dramatic recoveries after receiving one dose of an experimental drug that is creating excitement among cancer specialists. The results were so startling that researchers decided to release details of the two cases before the drug trial, in which the patients took part, was complete. Doctors said their progress had exceeded all expectations. The men were treated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, one of the top medical centres in the world.

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woman sleeping
Problems are solved by sleeping
(Jun 9, 2009)

Sleeping on a problem really can help solve it say scientists who found a dreamy nap boosts creative powers. They tested whether "incubating" a problem allowed a flash of insight, and found it did, especially when people entered a phase of sleep known as REM. Volunteers who had entered REM or rapid eye movement sleep - when most dreams occur - were then better able to solve a new problem with lateral thinking.

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human brain
Rogue protein 'spreads in brain'
(Jun 9, 2009)

Scientists have shown a rogue protein thought to cause Alzheimer's can spread through the brain, turning healthy tissue bad. They believe the tau protein may share characteristics with the prion proteins which cause vCJD. When injected into the brains of healthy mice it triggered formation of protein tangles linked to Alzheimer's.

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vitamin pills
Vitamins 'undo exercise efforts'
(May 13, 2009)

Taking vitamins after exercise may undo some of the beneficial effects of the workout, research suggests. Some advocate taking antioxidants like vitamin C and E to help protect the body from harmful chemical by-products it creates in breaking into a sweat. But German scientists now believe these "free radicals" may actually be good for us and even buffer against diabetes, PNAS reports.

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