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Eco-news archive: July-August 2010

northern white rhino
Frozen hope for endangered species
(Aug 29, 2010)

San Diego Zoo began collecting skin samples from rare animals in 1972 in the hope they might be used to protect these endangered species in the future. A breakthrough in stem-cell technology means that day is getting closer

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field of rice
Rice yields falling under global warming
(Aug 9, 2010)

Global warming is cutting rice yields in many parts of Asia, according to research, with more declines to come. Yields have fallen by 10-20% over the last 25 years in some locations. The group of mainly US-based scientists studied records from 227 farms in six important rice-producing countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India and China.

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Everglades and Madagascar forests on UNESCO danger list
(Jul 31, 2010)

A UN panel has added Florida's Everglades National Park and Madagascar's tropical rainforest to a list of world heritage sites at risk. UNESCO's World Heritage Committee said development in the Everglades had caused water flow to fall 60% in the wetland, a major wildlife sanctuary. The pollution level there was so high it was killing marine life, it added.

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Plankton decline across oceans as waters warm
(Jul 29, 2010)

The amount of phytoplankton – tiny marine plants – in the top layers of the oceans has declined markedly over the last century, research suggests. Writing in the journal Nature, scientists say the decline appears to be linked to rising water temperatures. They made their finding by looking at records of the transparency of sea water, which is affected by the plants.

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solar power plant in Alvarado
Spain overtakes US with world's biggest solar power station
(Jul 13, 2010)

Spain has opened the world's largest solar power station, meaning that it overtakes the US as the biggest solar generator in the world. The nation's total solar power production is now equivalent to the output of a nuclear power station. Spain is a world leader in renewable energies and has long been a producer of hydro-electricity. It also has a highly developed wind power sector which, like solar power, has received generous government subsidies.

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Businesses 'profit from investing in nature'
(Jul 13, 2010)

Businesses can and should take a key role in stemming biodiversity loss around the world, a report concludes. The latest report from The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Teeb) project argues that many sectors have a stake in protecting nature. A survey by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (finds that in some nations, more than half of CEOs see nature loss as a challenge to business growth.

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