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Eco-news archive: September-October 2010

Kihansi spray toad
More species slide to extinction
(Oct 27, 2010)

One fifth of animal and plant species are under the threat of extinction, a global conservation study has warned. Scientists who compiled the Red List of Threatened Species say the proportion of species facing wipeout is rising. But they say intensive conservation work has already pulled some species back from the brink of oblivion.

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UN biodiversity symbol
'Ten years' to solve nature crisis, UN meeting hears
(Oct 18, 2010)

The UN biodiversity convention meeting has opened with warnings that the ongoing loss of nature is hurting human societies as well as the natural world. The two-week gathering aims to set new targets for conserving life on Earth. Japan's Environment Minister Ryo Matsumoto said biodiversity loss would become irreversible unless curbed soon.

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Solar surprise for climate issue
(Oct 6, 2010)

The Sun's influence on modern-day global warming may have been overestimated, a study suggests. Scientists found unexpected patterns in solar output in the years 2004–2007, which challenge existing models. However, they caution that three years of data are not enough to draw firm conclusions about long-term trends.

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Animal populations surge in Ugandan national parks
(Sep 27, 2010)

The number of animals in Uganda's national parks and game reserves has soared over the past decade, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) says. The latest figures show that the population of some species has doubled since 1999, spokeswoman Lillian Nsubuga said. Wildlife had benefited from improved monitoring and the expulsion of rebels from the country, she added.

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ocean waves
Oceans divide over 1970s warming
(Sep 23, 2010)

The surfaces of the oceans went through a short period of rapid temperature change 40 years ago, scientists have found - but the cause is unknown. Top layers of Northern Hemisphere water cooled by about 0.3C; the south saw roughly the same degree of warming. Writing in the journal Nature, the team suggests that air pollution cannot be responsible for the changes, as has been suggested for mid-century cooling.

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Hainan gibbon
Gibbons of southeast Asia are the 'forgotten' apes
(Sep 21, 2010)

Gibbons have become the "forgotten apes" and many species will soon go extinct unless urgent action is taken. So say primate experts who have made a call to action to save the crested gibbons of southeast Asia, which are the most vulnerable group of all apes. For example, just 20 Hainan gibbons survive on one island in China, making it the world's rarest ape species.

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Whitelee wind farm
Huge growth at largest wind farm
(Sep 8, 2010)

A massive expansion is to take place at Europe's largest onshore wind farm, which is situated in East Renfrewshire. ScottishPower Renewables is to add another 75 turbines to Whitelee wind farm on Eaglesham Moor by 2012. This will bring the number of turbines on site to 215 - raising electricity generating capacity by two thirds.

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Tibetan nomad
Tibetan nomads struggle as grasslands disappear from the roof of the world
(Sep 2, 2010)

Like generations of Tibetan nomads before him, Phuntsok Dorje makes a living raising yaks and other livestock on the vast alpine grasslands that provide a thatch on the roof of the world. But in recent years the vegetation around his home, the Tibetan plateau, has been destroyed by rising temperatures, excess livestock and plagues of insects and rodents.

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