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Eco-news archive: March-April 2011

San Rafael Glacier in Chile. Image credit: Neil Glasser
South American glaciers melting at fastest rate in 350 years
(Apr 5, 2011)

Meltwater from mountain glaciers are causing sea levels to rise faster now than at any time in the last 350 years, new research indicates. Researchers from the universities of Aberystwyth, Exeter and Stockholm looked at longer timescales than usual for their study. They mapped changes in 270 of the largest glaciers between Chile and Argentina since the last global cooling, known as the "Little Ice Age".

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European cities at night, seen from space
UN report: Cities ignore climate change at their peril
(Mar 29, 2011)

Urban areas are set to become the battleground in the global effort to curb climate change, the UN has warned. The assessment by UN-Habitat said that the world's cities were responsible for about 70% of emissions, yet only occupied 2% of the planet's land cover. While cities were energy intensive, the study also said that effective urban planning could deliver huge savings.

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Melting ice in Greenland
Polar ice loss quickens, raising seas
(Mar 9, 2011)

Ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland has accelerated over the last 20 years, research shows, and will soon become the biggest driver of sea level rise. From satellite data and climate models, scientists calculate that the two polar ice sheets are losing enough ice to raise sea levels by 1.3mm each year. Overall, sea levels are rising by about 3mm (0.12 inches) per year.

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