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Eco-news archive: May-June 2011

tropical fish
"Shocking" decline seen in oceans
(Jun 20, 2011)

Ocean life is "at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history," an international panel of scientists has concluded. Issues such as over-fishing, pollution, and climate change are acting together in ways that have not previously been recognised.

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industrial plant
Record carbon emissions prompt fears of climate catastrophe
(May 30, 2011)

Last year saw a record jump in the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere all but scuppering hopes of avoiding a 2°C rise in global temperatures. Thanks mainly to fossil-fuel burning 30.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide was pumped into the air moving us closer to what scientists consider dangerous climate change.

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Amazon rainforest deforestation rises sharply
(May 20, 2011)

Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has increased almost sixfold, new data suggests. Satellite images show deforestation increased from 103 sq km in March and April 2010 to 593 sq km (229 sq miles) in the same period of 2011, Brazil's space research institute says. Much of the destruction has been in Mato Grosso state, the centre of soya farming in Brazil.

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field of wheat
Global wheat output falls due to climate change
(May 6, 2011)

The world's production of wheat has dropped 5.5% over the past 30 years because of global changes in temperature and rainfall, a new study suggests. The team of US researchers found that wheat yields had fallen pretty much everywhere except, oddly enough in North America, which appears to be bucking the trend.

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