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Living world news archive: April-June 2008

three-toed sloth
Sloth's lazy image 'a myth'
(May 14, 2008)

The sloth's popular image as a lazy creature that sleeps for most of the day has been called into question. Rather than snoozing for more than 16 hours a day, as observed in captivity, sloths in the wild doze for less than 10 hours, research suggests. Scientists caught sloths living in the rainforest of Panama and fitted them with a device that monitors sleep.

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colossal squid eye lenses
Colossal squid's big eye revealed
(May 5, 2008)

The huge eye of the world's largest squid has been revealed by scientists dissecting a rare, intact half-tonne specimen in New Zealand. About 27cm (11in) across, researchers believe the colossal squid's eye is the biggest animal eye ever found.

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colossal squid
Squid thaw set for a fresh start
(Apr 28, 2008)

Technicians in New Zealand are set to begin defrosting a rare colossal squid, following a day's postponement. Having removed the creature from the freezer on Sunday, the team realised it would defrost too early for a planned examination by scientists on Wednesday.

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Bornean flat-headed frog
World's only lungless frog leaves scientists gasping
(Apr 8, 2008)

An unassuming little frog from Borneo has been found to have an exceedingly rare anatomical feature – introducing Barbourula kalimantanensis, the only known frog with no lungs. The Bornean flat-headed frog gets all of its oxygen through its skin. Local gold-mining operations, however, are fast polluting the streams where the frog lives.

Read more. Source: New Scientist


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