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  • January-March
    • Monkeys display basic numeracy
    • Sea turtles' migration mystery is 'solved'
    • Parrots prefer 'left handedness'
    • Amoebas show primitive farming behavior as they travel
    • Curious crows use tools to explore dangerous objects


  • October-December
    • African elephant is two species, researchers say
    • Clever New Caledonian crows go to parents' tool school
    • Dolphins learn to 'walk on water'
    • Humpback whale swims a quarter of the world
    • New carnivorous mammal species found in Madagascar
    • Dolphin species attempt 'common language'

  • July-September
    • Gigantic spider's web discovered in Madagascar
    • Rare antelope-like mammal caught in Asia
    • Smallest frog in Asia discovered in Borneo shows
    • Bacteria can 'smell' their environment, research shows
    • Whale 'sense of smell' revealed
    • Plants 'can think and remember'
    • Mongooses who can, teach
    • Right whales yell over the ocean din

  • April-June
    • Orang-utan language identified
    • Humpback whales form friendships that last years
    • Deep sea fish 'mystery migration' across Pacific Ocean
    • Monster colossal squid is slow not fearsome predator
    • Chimps 'feel death like humans'
    • Clever New Caledonian crows can use three tools
    • Census offers glimpse of oceans' smallest lifeforms
    • First oxygen-free animals found
    • Giant lizard species discovered in the Philippines

  • January-March
    • Hyena laughs and giggles decoded
    • Giant meat-eating plants prefer to eat tree shrew poo
    • Bonobos opt to share their food
    • Supercharged swifts take flight speed record
    • Ants are first animal known to navigate by stereo smell
    • The mystery of identical creatures found in both Arctic and Antarctic waters
    • Sperm whale groups 'may corral deep squid'
    • Elephant 'secret language' clues
    • A mouse that eats ferns like a dinosaur
    • Census discovers 5,000 marine species
    • Do speedy elephants walk or run?
    • Giant bizarre deep sea fish filmed in Gulf of Mexico
    • Shining a light on plants' quantum secret to boost photosynthesis
    • Burrowing prairie dogs use complex language
    • 'Echoes' in bat and dolphin DNA


  • October-December
    • Scrubby oak lauded as oldest known living organism
    • Octopus snatches coconut and runs
    • Monkey calls give clues to language origins
    • Hammerhead shark mystery solved
    • 'Giant' orb web spider discovered

  • July-September
    • Giant rat found in 'lost volcano'
    • Strange jellies of the icy depths
    • Giant 'meat-eating' plant found
    • Apes may imitate but they struggle to innovate
    • Spider builds life-sized decoys

  • April-June
    • The plant that pretends to be ill
    • The cephalopods can hear you
    • Chimps mentally map fruit trees
    • Bats 'recognise others' voices'
    • Rooks reveal remarkable tool-use
    • Venom is key to Komodo dragon's killing power
    • Largest herd of gazelles sighted
    • Baby chicks do basic arithmetic

  • January-March
    • Chimps craft ultimate fishing rod
    • Ice oceans 'are not poles apart'
    • Venomous mammal caught on camera
    • 'Spookfish' has mirrors for eyes


  • October-December
    • Real-life 'gremlin' rediscovered in the wild
    • Octopuses share 'living ancestor'
    • 'Deepest ever' living fish filmed

  • July-September
    • 'Ant from Mars' found in Amazon jungle
    • Bumblebees outwit robotic spiders
    • New giant clam species discovered
    • Magpie 'can recognise reflection'
    • Wild dolphins tail-walk on water
    • World's smallest snake discovered
    • Live fish caught at record depth

  • April-June
    • Sloth's lazy image 'a myth'
    • Colossal squid's big eye revealed
    • Squid thaw set for a fresh start
    • World's only lungless frog leaves scientists gasping

  • January-March
    • Dolphin woos with wood and grass
    • 'Bizarre' new mammal discovered
    • Chameleons' colourful flashes are social signals
    • Synthetic life 'advance' reported
    • Giant palm tree puzzles botanists
    • 'Laughs' not exclusive to humans


  • October-December
    • Giant rat and new possum found in Indonesia
    • How elephants keep tabs on family
    • 'Extraordinary memory' of chimps
    • Monkeys reveal brain is hard-wired for counting
    • Possum breaks record with year-long snooze
    • Eighty million years without sex

  • July-September
    • Eleven new species found in Vietnam's Green Corridor
    • Chimps 'raid' fruit to lure mates
    • Godwit makes huge Pacific flight
    • Eels imitate Alien
    • Cleverest crows opt for two tools
    • Ancient microbes 'revived' in lab
    • Sugar-rushes keep bats airborne
    • Orangutans use 'charades' to talk
    • Countdown to a synthetic lifeform
    • When fish get emotional
    • Piranha 'less deadly than feared'

  • April-June
    • Team claims synthetic life feat
    • 'Altruistic' chimps act for the benefit of others
    • Robot sub explores giant canyon
    • Japan tunes in to birth of giant manta ray
    • Gecko's gravity-defying trick explained
    • Cogitating monkeys can calculate statistics
    • Blue whales 'making a comeback'
    • Singing whales like a big audience
    • 'Living plugs' smooth ant journey
    • Goose smashes sea-crossing record
    • Captive shark had 'virgin birth'


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