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  • Jul-Sep
    • Old fossils solve mystery of earliest bird extinction
    • African fossils put new spin on human origins story
    • Exciting stone tool find in Kenya
    • 'Oldest' woolly rhino discovered
    • Fossil redefines mammal history
    • Fossil 'suggests plesiosaurs did not lay eggs'
    • Giant fossil shows huge birds lived among dinosaurs
    • Ancient primate fossil unearthed
    • An earlier bird than Archaeopteryx?

  • Apr-Jun
    • Dinosaur temperatures from teeth
    • Dinosaur fossil in Australia mirrors earlier find in UK
    • Better sense of smell spurred brain evolution
    • Biggest known fossil spider found
    • Dinosaurs were active both day and night, study claims

  • Jan-Mar
    • Giant prehistoric dinosaur cousin of T. rex identified
    • Prehistoric reptile skin secrets revealed in new image
    • Dinosaur named 'thunder-thighs'
    • Fossil find puts 'Lucy' story on firm footing
    • Humans 'left Africa much earlier'
    • Two-clawed and parrot-sized: new T.rex cousin unveiled
    • Did pterosaurs fly out of their eggs?
    • 'Dawn runner' casts light on birth of the dinosaurs
    • Ammonite diet revealed in X-rays
    • Sabertooth cats threatened most ancient human ancestor


  • Oct-Dec
    • Neanderthals cooked and ate vegetables
    • Ancient humans, dubbed 'Denisovans', interbred with us
    • Crocs dispel 'living fossil' myth
    • Giant fossil bird found on 'hobbit' island of Flores
    • Pterosaurs' wings 'key to their size'
    • Pterosaur reptile used "pole vault" trick for take-off
    • Eggs with the oldest known embryos of a dinosaur found
    • 'Balloon head' dolphin discovered
    • Ancient bugs found in 50-million-year-old Indian amber
    • T. rex was a cannibal in Argentina
    • Fossils of earliest land plants discovered in Argentina
    • Dinosaur origins pushed further back in time
    • Trademark swimsuit gave penguin ancestors the edge

  • Jul-Sep
    • Fossils of new species of horned dinos found in Utah
    • Hump-backed dinosaur may yield clues to origin of birds
    • Fossils may be 'earliest animals'
    • Woolly mammoth extinction 'not linked to humans' years ago
    • Tool-making and meat-eating began 3.5 million years ago
    • Morph-osaurs: How shape-shifting dinosaurs deceived us
    • Divers find ancient monkey fossil
    • Fossil links humans and monkeys
    • Humans' early arrival in Britain

  • Apr-Jun
    • 'Sea monster' whale fossil unearthed
    • Ancient macrofossils unearthed in West Africa
    • Horned dinosaurs 'island-hopped' from Asia to Europe
    • Oldest mammalian hair found
    • Fossil find resolves ancient extinction mystery
    • Soft tissue remnants discovered in Archaeopteryx fossil
    • Neanderthal genes 'survive in us'
    • Woolly mammoth's survival secret? Antifreeze blood
    • Neanderthals may have interbred with humans
    • South African fossils could be new hominid species
    • Fossil find shows Velociraptor eating another dinosaur

  • Jan-Mar
    • Southern 'cousin' of T. rex found
    • DNA identifies new ancient human dubbed 'X-woman'
    • Dinosaur fossil caught in collapsing sand dune
    • Dinosaurs' dominance 'helped by mass volcanism'
    • Velociraptor's cousin discovered
    • 'Hobbit' island's deeper history
    • DNA of extinct birds extracted from ancient eggshell
    • Dinosaur extinction link to crater confirmed
    • Dinosaur's oldest relative found
    • Giant predatory shark fossil unearthed in Kansas
    • How a hobbit is rewriting the history of the human race
    • Giant fish swam prehistoric seas
    • Sail-backed dinos had semiaquatic lifestyle
    • Analysis of hair DNA reveals ancient human's face
    • China dinosaur footprints found in Zhucheng
    • New dinosaur discovery solves evolutionary bird puzzle
    • Dinosaur had ginger feathers
    • Alligators and birds share lung structure and ancestor
    • Neanderthal 'make-up' discovered
    • Fossil tracks record 'oldest land-walkers'


  • Oct-Dec
    • Bird-like dinosaur was 'venomous'
    • T.rex 'little cousin' discovered
    • Ancient Mediterranean flood mystery solved
    • Dung helps reveal why mammoths died out
    • Missing link dinosaur discovered
    • Oldest T. rex relative identified
    • Spider web confirmed as 'oldest'
    • Colossal 'sea monster' unearthed
    • Primate fossil 'not an ancestor'
    • New flying reptile fossils found
    • Baby dinosaur made tracks as it fled for its life
    • Mammoth remains from the Russian permafrost offer up rich bounty
    • Fossil finds extend human story

  • Jul-Sep
    • Dinosaurs had 'earliest feathers'
    • Tiny ancestor is T. rex blueprint
    • Velociraptor's 'killing' claws were for climbing
    • A skull that rewrites the history of man
    • Ancient spiders yield 3D secrets
    • Oldest dinosaur burrow discovered
    • Dinosaur mummy gives up organic material

  • Apr-Jun
    • New dinosaur gives bird wing clue
    • Giant dinosaurs 'held heads high'
    • Scientists hail stunning fossil
    • Hobbits 'are a separate species'
    • Ancestor of T rex found in China

  • Jan-Mar
    • Canadian dig yields tiny dinosaur
    • Norwegian fossil hunters unearth a Jurassic sea monster
    • Earliest 'human footprints' found
    • Fish fossil clue to origin of sex
    • First draft of Neanderthal genome
    • Ancient sponges leave their mark
    • The snake that was so big it ate crocodiles
    • Fossil illuminates jaw evolution
    • Genetic secrets from Tamanian tiger
    • Dino feathers 'were for display'


  • Oct-Dec
    • China finds major dinosaur site
    • New flying reptile species found
    • Did Neanderthal cells cook as the climate warmed?
    • 'Grape' is key to fossil puzzle
    • Frozen hair gives up first mammoth genome
    • Woolly rhino's ancient migration
    • Sabretooth tigers hunted in packs
    • New feathered dinosaur discovered
    • Rock records dino 'dance floor'

  • Jul-Sep
    • Neanderthals 'enjoyed broad menu'
    • Did we out-breed slow-maturing Neanderthals?
    • Ancient trees recorded in mines
    • 'Rare' mammoth skull discovered
    • Tech-savvy Neanderthals couldn't blame their tools
    • Fossils date Dry Valleys' origin

  • Apr-Jun
    • Brain size 'not key to intellect'
    • Fossil reveals oldest live birth
    • Fossil prints reveal giant winged reptile was a stalker
    • New dinosaur tracks discovered
    • Tasmanian tiger DNA 'resurrected'

  • Jan-Mar
    • Spain dig yields ancient European
    • Volcanoes fingered for 'crime of the Cretaceous'
    • Island find stirs Hobbit debate
    • New twist in Hobbit-human debate
    • Sea reptile is biggest on record
    • 'Frog from hell' fossil unearthed
    • New meat-eating dinos identified
    • Bat fossil solves evolution poser
    • Flying reptiles came in miniature
    • Gigantic fossil rodent discovered
    • Dinosaurs 'grew fast, bred young'


  • Oct-Dec
    • Whale 'missing link' discovered
    • New meat-eating dinosaur unveiled
    • Ancient polar bear jawbone found
    • Amazing find of dinosaur 'mummy'
    • Man-sized sea scorpion claw found
    • New African ape fossil discovered
    • Dinosaurs breathed like penguins
    • Gliding mammal linked to humans
    • Neanderthals 'were flame-haired'
    • Cave clue to 'first beachcombers'
    • Ancient reptile tracks unearthed
    • 'Giant dino' found in Argentina
    • Dino print could be T. rex mark
    • River reveals 'Jurassic dragon'

  • Jul-Sep
    • Velociraptor dino 'had feathers'
    • 'Hobbit' wrists 'were primitive'
    • Georgia clues to human origins
    • Orchids date to time of the dinos
    • Fossils belong to new great ape
    • T. rex 'would outrun footballer'
    • Ancient forest found in Hungary
    • Finds test human origins theory
    • Greek mastodon find 'spectacular'
    • Dinosaurs' slow rise to dominance
    • Baby mammoth discovery unveiled
    • DNA reveals Greenland's lush past
    • Ancient American bird was glider

  • Apr-Jun
    • 'First west Europe tooth' found
    • Tropical giant penguin discovered
    • Feathered dino was twice your height and had claws
    • Fossil traces deep dinosaur roots
    • T. rex was 'slow-turning plodder'
    • Upright walking 'began in trees'
    • Genes shed light on fish fingers
    • Tracks suggest dinos could swim
    • Giant fossil rainforest unearthed
    • Fossilized trees mystery solved
    • Protein links T. rex to chickens

  • Jan-Mar
    • Dinosaur den diggers discovered
    • Ancient lizard extended its rib bones to glide
    • Ancient chimps 'used stone tools'
    • 'Hobbit' human 'is a new species'
    • Caverns give up huge fossil haul
    • Flying dinos had bi-plane design


  • Oct-Dec
    • Europe's largest dinosaur unearthed in Spain
    • Earliest flying mammal discovered
    • Ancient 'Jaws' had monster bite
    • Neanderthal DNA secrets unlocked
    • Ice-age genome project faces cold storage
    • Bee fossil, DNA generate a buzz
    • Tiny fossils reveal inner secrets
    • 'Monster' fossil find in Arctic

  • Jul-Sep
    • 'Lucy's baby' found in Ethiopia
    • Neanderthals' 'last rock refuge'
    • Fossils suggest chaotic recovery from mass extinction
    • Ancient whale 'truly weird'
    • Flying reptile mystery 'solved'
    • Fossil frogs yield 'soft tissues'
    • Geneticists shoot for Neanderthal genome in two years
    • The bigger the dinosaur, the hotter its blood
    • Newfound reptile swam in dinosaur era
    • Gene reveals mammoth coat colour

  • Apr-Jun
    • Ancient web spins evolution story
    • China fossils fill out bird story
    • Early web-spinner found in amber
    • Ancient rocks 'built by microbes'
    • Mini-dinosaurs emerge from quarry
    • New twist in 'hobbit' human story
    • Mammoth skeleton found in Siberia
    • New research suggests 'hobbit' was not a new species
    • Did humans and chimps once interbreed?
    • Neanderthal yields nuclear DNA
    • Neanderthals and humans: perhaps they never met
    • Geologists dredge up dinosaur from the deep
    • Oldest snake fossil shows a bit of leg
    • Fossils fill gap in human lineage
    • Arctic fossils mark move to land
    • Doubt cast on 'ancient asexual'

  • Jan-Mar
    • Ancient skull found in Ethiopia
    • Streeeetch! Long-neck dinosaur sets new standard
    • Baby Triceratops skull suggests reasons for horns
    • 'Jurassic beaver' found in China


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