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Robot diaries archive

  • Volume 5 (Sep 2009–)
    • Nico the robot can recognize its own reflection
    • Robotic jellyfish fueled by hydrogen invented
    • Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'
    • Total recall: Japanese robot finds lost things
    • Robots to enjoy long walks on the beach
    • Starfish-inspired 'soft' robot squeezes under obstacles
    • A robot that flies like a bird
    • Rubbery muscle motors to make robots more lifelike
    • Robovie PC robot wins marathon in Osaka, Japan
    • Robots to get their own internet
    • Meet Robonaut 2, astronaut assistant
    • Robot limbs to plug into the brain with light
    • Domestic robot goes on scale
    • Sensitive touch for 'robot skin'
    • Virtual walkers lead the way for robots
    • Lizard-like robot can 'swim' through sand
    • Robot-inflicted injuries studied
    • Robots with skin enter our touchy-feely world
    • Picking our brains: Can we make a conscious machine?
    • Robot crawls like a baby
    • Ocean robot 'plans experiments'
    • Scientists unveil world's first bionic fingers
    • Robots get smarter by asking for help
  • Volume 4 (Jul 2007–Aug 2009)
    • Robot with bones moves like you do
    • Smart machines: What's the worst that could happen?
    • Robo-scientist's first findings
    • 'Marsupial' robots could roam Mars and the Moon
    • Unnatural selection: Robots start to evolve
    • Actor robots take Japanese stage
    • Will machines outsmart man?
    • Prepare to welcome our robot overlords
    • Robots learn to move themselves
    • Robots scale new heights
    • Robot Asimo can understand three voices at once
    • A small bite for a monkey... a giant leap for mankind
    • Frigid robot eyes top tech prize
    • The rise of the emotional robot
    • Robots to collect dangerous data
    • Robot 'pied piper' leads roaches
    • Robot cars race around California
    • Robot dogs race to be soldier's best friend
    • Tripedal robot swings itself into action
    • Robot unravels mystery of walking
  • Volume 3 (Dec 2006–May 2007)
    • Rat-brained robot thinks like the real thing
    • BEAR robot rescues wounded troops
    • Move to create less clumsy robots
    • 'Guessing' robots find their way
    • Robot future poses hard questions
    • Caterpillar robot 'treats hearts'
    • Robotic age poses ethical dilemma
    • Walking robot steps up the pace
    • Emotion robots learn from people
    • March of the consumer robots
    • Robots could demand legal rights
    • Bionic hand gives realistic grip
    • Nano-cables convert light into electricity
    • Cocktail robots serve up drinks
  • Volume 2 (Jun 2006–Nov 2006)
    • Thoughtful robot adapts to injury
    • Robot menagerie
    • Silicon retina mimics biology for a clearer view
    • Snake-arm robots slither forward
    • 'Robo-sommelier' offers wine tips
    • 'Chatty George' talks himself up
    • 2nd law of robotics: give them faces
    • WT-6 Waseda talking robot head
    • Robot teams tap into each others' talents
    • Chinese scientists unveil new robot
    • Computers 'set to read our minds'
    • Robot soccer World Cup kicks off
    • Robot device mimics human touch
  • Volume 1 (Sep 2005–May 2006)
    • Robot hand controlled by thought alone
    • Robo-turtle answers some flippery questions
    • Robotic 'pack mule' displays stunning reflexes
    • The future of today's technology
    • Giant robot rescues cars from deep snow
    • What happened to the Robot Age?
    • Dextrous mini-robots to aid ops
    • Robotic racers achieve milestone
    • New breed of 'fish-bot' unveiled
    • Dartmouth researchers build world's smallest mobile robot


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