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Strange news archive: September-October 2007

116-year-old orange
Museum shows 116-year-old orange
(Oct 30, 2007)

A dried-up orange from the lunchbox of a miner fatally injured on the day he was due to eat it has gone on display in a Staffordshire museum. The fruit belonged to Joseph Roberts who was injured in an explosion at a Stoke-on-Trent colliery in 1891. It had been kept by his family but has been donated to the Potteries Museum.

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record-breaking quahog clam
Ming the clam is 'oldest animal'
(Oct 28, 2007)

A clam dredged up off the coast of Iceland is thought to have been the longest-lived creature discovered. Scientists said the mollusc, an ocean quahog clam, was aged between 405 and 410 years and could offer insights into the secrets of longevity. Researchers from Bangor University in north Wales said they calculated its age by counting rings on its shell.

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Stelarc's extra ear
Performer gets third ear for art
(Oct 11, 2007)

An Australian performer who has had an ear grafted onto his forearm in the name of art has sparked controversy. Cyprus-born Stelios Arcadiou, known as Stelarc, says his extra ear, made of human cartilage, is an augmentation of the body's form. But surgeons questioned whether such an operation should have been carried out, given the absence of clinical need.

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crater at site of Peruvian 'meteor' crash
Scores ill in Peru 'meteor crash'
(Sep 18, 2007)

Some 600 people in Peru have required treatment after an object from space – said to be a meteorite – plummeted to Earth in a remote area, officials say. They say the object left a deep crater after crashing down over the weekend near the town of Carancas in the Andes. People who have visited scene have been complaining of headaches, vomiting and nausea after inhaling gases.

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