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Strange news archive: November-December 2007

'Yeti prints' found near Everest
(Dec 1, 2007)

A US TV presenter says he and his team have found a series of footprints in the Everest region of Nepal resembling descriptions of the mysterious Yeti. The presenter and his colleagues say they are "very excited", although they are not saying they definitely believe it is the mark of the Yeti. Josh Gates and his crew work on a series called Destination Truth, which follows reports of fantastic creatures.

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jellyfish swarm
Jellyfish attack destroys salmon
(Nov 23, 2007)

A jellyfish invasion has wiped out Northern Ireland's only salmon farm, killing more than 100,000 fish. A Northern Salmon spokesman said last week's attack could cost more than 1m. Billions of small jellyfish, known as Mauve Stingers, flooded into the cages about a mile into the Irish Sea, off Glenarm Bay and Cushendun.

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Call for US to re-open UFO file
(Nov 13, 2007)

A group of former pilots and government officials has called on the US government to re-open an investigation into claims of UFO sightings. Project Blue Book, run by the US Air Force, was stopped in the late 1960s. The group, which includes former military officers from seven countries, all say they have seen a UFO or have conducted research into the phenomenon.

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basking shark
Orkney beast 'similar to Nessie'
(Nov 3, 2007)

A mystery creature washed up on Orkney almost 200 years ago was "strikingly similar" to descriptions of Nessie, the Highlands Science Festival will hear. Geneticist Dr Yvonne Simpson, who hails from Orkney, has researched the Stronsay Beast. Its carcass, which some said was that of a basking shark, was found off Stronsay in 1808.

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