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Strange news archive: November-December 2008

Blind man negotiating maze
Blind man navigates maze
(Dec 22, 2008)

Scientists have discovered that a blind person can navigate through a maze of obstacles unaided using the power of sense alone. The man, left blind by a stroke, was able to intuitively walk around chairs and boxes without bumping into them using hidden pathways in the brain. The study suggests we all use subconscious brain resources and can do things we think we are unable to do.

Read more. Source: BBC

Drillers break into magma chamber
(Dec 17, 2008)

It has been described as a geologist's dream – a unique opportunity to study up close the volcanic processes that built the Earth's continents. Drillers looking for geothermal energy in Hawaii have inadvertently put a well right into a magma chamber. Molten rock pushed back up the borehole several metres before solidifying, making it perfectly safe to study.

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giant potato
Lebanese finds 'heaviest' potato
(Dec 8, 2008)

A farmer in southern Lebanon has dug up what might be the heaviest potato in the world. "This giant weighs 11.3 kilos (24.9 pounds)," Khalil Semhat told the AFP news agency at his farm near Tyre, 85 kilometers (50 miles) south of Beirut. "I've been working the land since I was a boy, and it's the first time I've seen anything like it."

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cloned mouse
Healthy mice cloned from frozen bodies
(Nov 4, 2008)

Healthy mice have been cloned for the first time from dead mice that had been frozen for several years, raising the possibility, scientists say, of "resurrecting" extinct animals such as mammoths from their frozen carcasses. The clones were produced from dead mice kept at -20C for up to 16 years by a group of scientists in Kobe, Japan.

Read more. Source: Guardian


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