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Strange news archive: January-February 2009

Fireball over Austin, Texas
Mystery fireball captured on film
(Feb 16, 2009)

Mysterious debris said to look like a meteor or fireball in the sky has been captured on film over Austin, Texas. The footage coincides with numerous sightings of falling debris in the area. The American Strategic Command has said there is no connection with the debris from a recent collision of satellites.

Read more. Source: BBC

Huge increase in the number of UFO sightings
(Feb 6, 2009)

The number of UFO sightings logged with the UK Ministry of Defence more than doubled to 285 last year, a rise described as "phenomenal" by experts. It is the highest number of sightings in 10 years. All the incidents are included in a document released by the MoD yesterday, which details the date, time and location of the sightings, along with a brief summary of the eyewitness reports.

Read more. Source: Telegraph

woolly mammoth
Ten extinct beasts that could walk the Earth again
(Jan 11, 2009)

The recipe for making any creature is written in its DNA. So last November, when geneticists published the near-complete DNA sequence of the long-extinct woolly mammoth, there was much speculation about whether we could bring this behemoth back to life.

Read more. Source: New Scientist

wind turbine damage
UFO claim over wind farm damage
(Jan 8, 2009)

UFO researchers are claiming damage to a Lincolnshire wind farm turbine was caused by a mystery aircraft. The turbine at Conisholme lost one 66ft (20m) blade and had another badly damaged in the early hours of Sunday. Local UFO groups said they had lots of reports of activity in the area and had teams searching for clues.

Read more. Source: BBC


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