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Strange news archive: July-August 2009

UFO sketch from an MoD file
Minister warned over 'UK Roswell'
(Aug 17, 2009)

A former head of the military told the defence secretary that a UFO sighting dubbed Britain's Roswell could be a "banana skin", official files show. In 1985 Lord Hill-Norton wrote to Michael Heseltine about the "Rendlesham incident" in 1980, when US airmen in Suffolk thought they saw an alien ship. Either a craft entered UK airspace with "impunity" or US airmen were capable of a "serious misperception", he wrote.

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Point of Ayr lighthouse
Permanent 'ghost' for lighthouse
(Aug 5, 2009)

The owners of Point of Ayr lighthouse off the Flintshire coast have applied to erect a "human sculpture" inspired by sightings of a ghostly figure. The idea for the 2m (6ft 5in) stainless steel statue came after repeated reports of a man wearing an old-fashioned keeper's coat. The lighthouse has been locked and out of service for more than a century.

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Easter Island statues
Tests raise life extension hopes
(Jul 9, 2009)

A drug discovered in the soil of a South Pacific island may help to fight the ageing process, research suggests. When US scientists treated old mice with rapamycin it extended their expected lifespan by up to 38%. The findings, published in the journal Nature, raise the prospect of being able to slow down the ageing process in older people.

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Bigfoot in the movies
Bigfoot's likely haunts 'revealed'
(Jul 7, 2009)

Sasquatch, the mythical "Bigfoot" of western North America, makes its home deep within the fertile imaginations of gullible people. If you insist on looking for one in the real world, though, you should search in the home of the black bear – at least according to a tongue-in-cheek study of the ape-like creature's habitat preferences.

Read more. Source: New Scientist


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