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Strange news archive: November-December 2009

mysterious spiral over Norway
Strange 'Norway spiral' likely an out-of-control missile
(Dec 10, 2009)

It looked like a time-travelling vortex fit for Doctor Who, but a strange spiral observed in the skies above Norway on Wednesday morning was actually a failed Russian missile launch, says a Harvard astrophysicist who monitors space launches.

Read more. Source: New Scientist

Seen a UFO? Don't call the MoD
(Dec 4, 2009)

For more half a century paranoid fantasies about flying saucers, little green men and alien invasions were officially indulged by the existence of a department within the British Ministry of Defence that investigated UFO sightings. But after more than 11,000 sightings spawning countless conspiracy theories, the department has been scrapped. The UFO hotline is no more.

Read more. Source: Guardian

brain scan
Paralysed Belgian misdiagnosed as in coma for 23 years
(Nov 23, 2009)

A Belgian man who doctors thought was in a coma for 23 years was conscious all along, it has been revealed. Medical staff believed Rom Houben had sunk irretrievably into a coma after he was injured in a car crash in 1983. A doctor at Belgium's University of Liege who discovered that Mr Houben had been misdiagnosed said his case was not an isolated one.

Read more. Source: BBC


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