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Strange news archive: March-April 2010

Lifeguard pointing to suspected meteorite which fell on an Israeli beach
Suspected burning meteor falls on Israeli beach
(Apr 25, 2010)

An unidentified object thought to be a small meteor fell from the sky on one of Bat Yam's beaches, just south of Tel Aviv, Israel. No injuries were reported, but witnesses said the object fell very close to the lifeguard booth and caused a small fire.

Read more. Source: Ynetnews

scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
'Alien invasion' April Fools' story angers Jordan mayor
(Apr 6, 2010)

A Jordanian mayor is considering suing a newspaper over an April Fools' Day report saying aliens had landed nearby. Al-Ghad's front-page story on 1 April said flying saucers flown by 3m (10ft) creatures had landed in the desert town of Jafr, in eastern Jordan. It said communication networks went down and frightened townspeople fled into the streets.

Read more. Source: BBC

common toad
Toads can 'predict earthquakes' and seismic activity
(Mar 31, 2010)

Common toads appear to be able to sense an impending earthquake and will flee their colony days before the seismic activity strikes. The evidence comes from a population of toads which left their breeding colony three days before an earthquake that struck L'Aquila in Italy in 2009. How toads sensed the quake is unclear, but most breeding pairs and males fled.

Read more. Source: BBC

One of the giant spheres of Costa Rica
Mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica investigated
(Mar 24, 2010)

The ancient stone spheres of Costa Rica were made world-famous by the opening sequence of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," when a mockup of one of the mysterious relics nearly crushed Indiana Jones. So perhaps John Hoopes is the closest thing at the University of Kansas to the movie action hero. Hoopes, associate professor of anthropology and director of the Global Indigenous Nations Studies Program, recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica where he and colleagues evaluated the stone balls for UNESCO, which might grant the spheres World Heritage Status.

Read more. Source: Science Daily


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