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Strange news archive: July-August 2010

Winston Churchill
Churchill ordered UFO cover-up, National Archives show
(Aug 5, 2010)

The government took the threat of UFOs so seriously in the 1950s that UK intelligence chiefs met to discuss the issue, newly-released files show. Ministers even went on to commission weekly reports on UFO sightings from a committee of intelligence experts. The papers also include a wartime account claiming prime minister Winston Churchill ordered a UFO sighting be kept secret to prevent "mass panic".

Read more. Source: BBC

We humans can mind-meld too
(Jul 27, 2010)

There's now scientific backing for the old adage that when two people "click" in conversation, they have a meeting of minds. The evidence comes from MRI scans of 11 people's brains as they listened to a woman recounting a story. The scans showed that the listeners' brain patterns tracked those of the storyteller almost exactly, though trailed 1 to 3 seconds behind. But in some listeners, brain patterns even preceded those of the storyteller.

Read more. Source: New Scientist

Paul the octopus
Octopus predicts World Cup finalist
(Jul 8, 2010)

Spain's victory over Germany in the World Cup will come have no surprise to those following one of the competition's most successful pundits – for the result had already been foretold by Paul the Octopus, a creature that has achieved celebrity status with the accuracy of its predictions. Dubbed the psychic octopus, Paul has correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup results including the 1-0 defeat by Spain.

Read more. Source: The Guardian


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