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The Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy. Fulvio Melia
Fulvio Melia writes passionately and somewhat romantically about the supermassive object that occupies the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Science

Galaxies and the Cosmic Frontier. William Waller & Paul Hodge
Orienting us with an insider's tour of our cosmic home, the Milky Way, William Waller and Paul Hodge then take us on a spectacular journey, inviting us to probe the exquisite structures and dynamics of the giant spiral and elliptical galaxies, to witness colliding and erupting galaxies, and to pay our respects to the most powerful galaxies of all – the quasars. Publisher's description

Galaxies in the Universe : An Introduction. Linda Sparke & John Gallagher
This advanced undergraduate text is a comprehensive and lucid introduction to galaxies for students in astronomy and physics. A careful combination of basic astrophysics, multiwavelength observations, and theoretical concepts help students develop a thorough, integrated understanding of the subject. Publisher's description

Galactic Astronomy. James Binney & Michael Merrifield
This is the definitive treatment of the phenomenology of galaxies – a clear and comprehensive volume that takes full account of the extraordinary recent advances in the field. The book supersedes the classic text Galactic Astronomy that James Binney wrote with Dimitri Mihalas, and complements Galactic Dynamics by Binney and Scott Tremaine. It will be invaluable to researchers and is accessible to any student who has a background in undergraduate physics. Publisher's description