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Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generational Space Ships. Yoji Kondo, et al
A collection of impressive papers which were presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science symposium of the same name, held in Boston, Massachusetts on February 15, 2002. Considered are not only the technical issues, which are formidable, but also the social and "human" issues that will impact (and perhaps be impacted by) mankind's excursions to other star systems. Publisher

The Starflight Handbook : A Pioneer's Guide to Interstellar Travel. Eugene Mallove and Gregory Matloff
Very sensible, very complete, and useful. Its good use of references and technical ‘sidebars’ adds to the book and allows the nontechnical text to be used by ordinary readers in an easy fashion. I certainly would recommend this book to anyone doing any thinking at all about interstellar flight or the notion of possibilities of contacts between hypothetical civilizations in different star systems. Louis Friedman, Executive Director, The Planetary Society

Centauri Dreams: Imagining And Planning Interstellar Travel. Paul Gilster
Science and SF writer Gilster's latest isn't only an enlightening tour of the propulsion and communication systems and the materials that might take us (in unmanned or even manned probes) to the Centauri triple-star system 4.3 light years away (nearby in interstellar terms). The book is also a plea to remember that the urge to explore the unknown is what makes us human and that the future may not be as far away as we think. Publishers Weekly

21st Century and Beyond – Future Space Rockets and Breakthrough Propulsion. World Spaceflight News
This book-on-a-disc is a comprehensive collection of NASA documents and papers on current research into future rocket designs and breakthrough propulsion concepts. NASA's current project to develop a reusable design that could replace the Space Shuttle, the Space Launch Initiative, is covered in detail, along with a wide range of exciting "breakthrough" concepts for futuristic propulsion. Nuclear rockets, hypersonics, space elevators, solar sails, ion electric engines, antimatter engines ... are included. Publisher