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The Quantum World : Quantum Physics for Everyone. Kenneth W. Ford
In this approachable book for the armchair science buff or student struggling through a physics class, Ford, retired director of the American Institute of Physics, offers his services as cicerone through the subatomic world. Even scientists never really understand the quantum world, but this book will help readers wrap their minds around the paradoxical concepts of how the building blocks of existence lead a strange, if not charmed, life. Publishers Weekly

The New Quantum Universe. Tony Hey & Patrick Walters
This book is a little like Chandrasekhar's book "Why Things Are the Way They Are," with a touch of the flavor of Sam Trieman's "The Odd Quantum." Both of these other books are among my favorite introductory texts... This is a well-written book that makes an excellent introduction for students, and enjoyable leisure reading by scientists and engineers who've already had a college class in quantum mechanics. The illustrations and photographs add to the expressive and clear writing style to make this a book I can heartily recommend. Amazon reader review

Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics. Nick Herbert
There's something about this book that makes it an instant classic. Though it is not the newest and most "user-friendly" book on quantum physics out there, I recommend this title as a great way to kick-off your knowledge search into this and related subjects. Despite the "mystifying" subtitle, the book is not purely "pseudo-science" and is packed with a lot of detailed and concrete information. Amazon reader review

Modern Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition). J. J. Sakurai
Revising the textbook left unfinished upon the death of Sakurai in 1982, San Fu Tuan has completed this modern introduction to quantum mechanics, which includes discussions of fundamental topics and newer developments such as neuron interferometer experiments, Feynman path integrals, correlation measurements, and Bell's inequality. For first- year graduate students who have already studied quantum mechanics at the junior or senior level. Book News

Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps and the Tenth Dimension. Michio Kaku
Since ingesting Einstein's relativity theory 50 years ago, physics fell down a quantum rabbit hole and, ever since, physicists' reports to the world of popular science have been curiouser and curiouser. This version, from the author of the graduate text Quantum Field Theory, is very curious as he delineates the "delicious contradictions" of the quantum revolution: that the new paradigms of subatomic matter require the existence of "hyperspace," an ultimate universe of many dimensions... Publishers Weekly

Q IS FOR QUANTUM: An Encyclopedia of Particle Physics. John Gribbin
Written for the lay reader, this work on the complex world of particle physics by British astronomer Gribbin, the renowned author of such popular science books as Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality, is well written, informative, and highly accessible. Features include an introductory essay that puts the subject in historical perspective, clearly written entries, a brief bibliography, and time lines Library Journal