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Rocket Propulsion Elements. George Sutton and Oscar Biblarz
Introduces the basic principles of rocket propulsion technology, liquid rocket engines, solid rocket motors, electric propulsion, and thrust vector control, with applications to space flight, satellite flight, and missiles. The seventh edition adds a chapter on liquid propellant thrust chambers, and sections on engine structures, gas properties, launch vehicles, design of turbopumps, and plume signatures. Book News

Space Propulsion Analysis and Design. Ronald Humble
This book is THE definitive work on rocket and space propulsion. Unlike any other textbook on the subject, this text permits you to start with a blank sheet of paper and literally design a propulsion system from the ground up that meets user requirements. You can then assess the overall system performance. Highly recommended. Amazon reader review

Advanced Space Propulsion Systems. Martin Tajmar
This book provides an up-to-date overview of all kinds of propulsion systems ranging from classical rocket technology, nuclear propulsion to electric propulsion systems, and further to micro-, propellantless and even breakthrough propulsion, which is a new program under development at NASA. The author shows the limitations of the present concepts and how they could look like in the future. Publisher's Weekly