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Time Travel in Einstein's Universe. J. Richard Gott
As one of the foremost scientists in the field of time travel, Princeton astrophysicist Gott takes it upon himself to disseminate advice on building time machines. The construction of the vessel itself is rarely of concern here; it is the way it is used and the way that space-time (the dimensions of space and time that we collectively consider to be our universe) behaves around it that may eventually allow adventurers to break with the usual order of things. Believing that science fiction often spurs true scientific discovery, Gott explores numerous theatrical and literary concepts before moving on to current bona fide theories, pointing out the difficulties of each method. Publishers Weekly

How to Build a Time Machine. Paul Davies
Is time travel possible? If so, what manner of machine would one need to traverse this fourth dimension? Covering ground similar to J. Richard Gott's Time Travel in Einstein's Universe, this slim, tongue-in-cheek treatise invokes the primary tenet of Einstein's special theory of relativity that both time and space are elastic to illustrate that time travel, while impractical, is definitely possible. The time travel mechanisms Davies (The Fifth Miracle) envisions are dramatically different from the devices that SF authors H.G. Wells and Ray Bradbury have employed in their fiction. Publishers Weekly

Time: A Traveller's Guide. Clifford Pickover
If you thought time travel was just for science fiction nuts, think again. As Pickover (Black Holes: A Traveler's Guide) demonstrates, time travel is not the stuff of Asimovian dreams, it being theoretically possible. Of course, how to travel through time is no simple matter, nor is explaining it, but Pickover rises to the challenge in many ways. Witty and profound quotations – from Einstein to Woody Allen – about time and our relationship to it are liberally scattered throughout. Publishers Weekly