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Cathcart, Richard Brook (1943–)

Richard Cathcart
Richard Brook Cathcart
Richard Cathcart is a geographer specializing in macroengineering. Richard Cathcart is the author of many papers and articles dealing with novel aspects of superscale engineering and astroengineering projects. He was awarded an MA in Geography and founded GEOGRAPHOS, a Burbank, California, consultancy, in 1969. His current research interests include the history of anthropogeomorphology and terraforming; in 1995 he completed a 600-page textbook on these subjects which emphasizes the geopolitical aspects of famous as well as little-known macroproject proposals.

Macro-Engineering: A Challenge for the Future, edited by Cathcart, Viorel Badescu, and R. D Schuiling, was published by Springer in 2006. With Alexander Bolonkin, Cathcart has co-authored Macro-Projects: Environment and Technology, published by Nova Science Publishers in 2009.