EZ Rocket

EZ Rocket. Image: XCOR Aerospace

EZ Rocket is a small rocket plane developed by XCOR Aerospace. It consists of a modified Long-EZ homebuilt aircraft powered by twin 400 lb. thrust regeneratively cooled rocket engines and fueled by isopropyl alcohol and liquid oxygen. The EZ-Rocket includes an external composite fuel tank and an insulated internal aluminum liquid oxygen tank.


The EZ Rocket is essentially a technology demonstrator – to allow XCOR Aerospace to show that it could design and build a complete aircraft rocket propulsion system that was safe, simple, cheap, reliable, and above all operable. The craft has had its engines restarted in mid-flight and has completed touch-and-goes – something that has never been done before in a rocket powered aircraft.


The Rocket Racing League has contracted with XCOR Aerospace to design and build the first generation of X-Racers which will be based on the design of the EZ-Rocket.