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gusset plate

gusset plate
A flat plate connecting two or more structural members where they meet at a joint. Stress is transferred between the members through the gusset plate by riveted, bolted, or welded connections. A gusset plate should be of a shape giving a minimum waste of material, and which can be fabricated in the shop with minimum amount of labor. For this reason it should be cut with straight edges. The thickness of a gusset plate should be sufficient to give bearing value, so that the material or the rivet will not be crushed. Minimum thicknesses of gusset plates are usually 1/4-inch for inside protected structures and 3/8-inch for outside exposed structures. The area between rivet holes should be great enough to transmit the stress from one member to another. Examples of gusset plates are to be found in all types of welded and riveted steel structures, and in gussets which strengthen the joints in the rib structure of an airplane wing.

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