Gliese Catalogue

The Gliese Catalogue is the usual name given to any of three catalogues of nearby stars compiled by W. Gliese and, later, also by H. Jahreiss, in 1957, 1969, and 1993; listed objects are prefixed by "Gl" or "GJ". The Gliese Catalogue attempts to list all stars within 25 parsecs (81.5 light-years) of Earth. Numbers in the range 1.0 to 965.0 are from the second edition, Catalogue of Nearby Stars (1969). The integers represent stars that were in the first edition, while the numbers with a decimal point are used to insert new stars for the second edition without destroying the original order. Numbers in the range 9001 to 9850 are from the supplement Extension of the Gliese Catalogue (1970). Numbers in the ranges 1000 to 1294 and 2001 to 2159 are from the supplement Nearby Star Data Published 1969-1978. The range 1000 to 1294 represents nearby stars, while 2001 to 2159 represents suspected nearby stars. Numbers in the range 3001 to 4388 are from Preliminary Version of the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars (1991). Although this version of the catalogue was termed preliminary, it was still the current one as of mid-2002. Most of the 3,803 stars it lists already had GJ numbers, but there were also 1,388 which were not numbered. The need to give these 1,388 some name has resulted in them being numbered 3001 to 4388.