ISAS (Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences)

ISAS (Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences) was one of Japan's two space agencies, the other being NASDA (National Space Development Agency), before the two were recently merged (see JAXA). Based at the University of Tokyo, ISAS is responsible for the development and launch of Japanese astronomy and space science satellites, and lunar and interplanetary probes.


Successful past and ongoing ISAS space missions include, in chronological order: Osumi, Tansei-1, Shinsei, Denpa, Tansei-2, Taiyo, Tansei-3, Kyokko, Jikiken, Hakucho, Tansei-4, Hinotori, Tenma, Ohzora, Sakigake, Suisei, Ginga, Akebono, Hiten, Yohkoh, Geotail, ASCA, HALCA, and Nozomi. Other missions include Astro-F, Lunar-A, MUSES-C, SELENE, and Hinode (Solar-B).


ISAS launches take place from the Kagoshima (Uchinoura) Space Center using M-series rockets.