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iPhone is an innovative communications device announced by Apple on Jan. 9, 2007. It will go on sale in the United States in June 2007 and in Europe in October. In the US, it will cost from $499 to $599.

iPhone combines into one small (11.6 mm thick), handheld device three products a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and an Internet communications capability with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching. The user interface is a touch display. Essentially, iPhone is a computer with a blank screen that users configure so they can operate the monitor with their fingers. The device comes with a built-in two megapixel camera. It will come in two versions – one with 4GB of storage space, the other with 8GB. iPhone will use the network of AT&T's mobile unit, Cingular and will run Apple's OS X operating system.

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