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mysterious eyeball
Giant mystery eyeball found on Florida beach
(Oct 12, 2012)

A giant eyeball discovered washed up on the shores of Florida has created an Internet buzz and left marine biologists pondering its likely owner. The blue, softball-sized body part was stumbled upon Wednesday by beachcomber Gino Covacci as he walked through the surf at Pompano Beach. Having kicked the object over, he found himself staring into the large lens of an as-yet-to-be identified sea creature.

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Flying saucers
Ufologists meet in London to take stock
(Sep 26, 2012)

Members of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) have been celebrating the organization's fiftieth anniversary at a meeting in London. Although "ufology" falls outside the scientific mainstream, BUFORA members claim that their society adopts a more scientific approach than some other groups which claim that aliens have visited, or are presently visiting, the Earth.

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Object photographed in Loch Ness by George Edwards in 2012
Another mystery object spotted in Loch Ness
(Aug 4, 2012)

Nessie refuses to die despite numerous failed attempts to probe Scotland's deepest loch for its most famous inhabitant. The latest claimed sighting comes from long-time monster investigator and tour guide George Edwards who recently photographed something in the water moving in the direction of Urquhart Castle.

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Sputnik 1
Did a spacecraft crash in Scotland half a century ago?
(Jul 20, 2012)

Mysterious wreckage found in the Highlands of Scotland in the 1960s may have been the remains of a Soviet Sputnik that prematurely fell to Earth – or, more likely, part of the gondola of a classified US reconnaissance balloon. A local shepherd alerted officials to unusual debris that he'd come across and investigators were soon on the scene. However, it's emerged that they were told to keep quiet about their findings.

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flying saucers
Blair was briefed on UK UFO files
(Jul 12, 2012)

Prime Minister Tony Blair was briefed on the UK's files about UFO sightings in 1998, newly declassified MoD documents have revealed. Writer Nick Redfern urged him to "consider making available for public scrutiny all of the many and varied UFO reports compiled by the government". The request came as the government began to implement Freedom of Information (FOI requests).

Read more. Source: BBC

Dark Day
What caused the mystery of the Dark Day?
(May 21, 2012)

Three centuries ago in parts of North America, a strange event turned morning to night. It remains wreathed in mystery – so what caused the Dark Day? Halfway through the morning the sky turns yellow. Animals run for cover and darkness descends, causing people to light candles and start to pray. By lunchtime night has fallen. Is it the end of the world? The Dark Day, as it's become known, took place on May 19, 1780 in New England and Canada. For the past 232 years historians and scientists have argued over the origins of this strange event.

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purported yeti footprint
DNA to shed light on yeti
(May 21, 2012)

A UK-Swiss team will use DNA testing to investigate the origins of remains claimed to be from yeti and bigfoot. The project will examine hair, bone and other material from a collection amassed by a Swiss biologist – and will invite submissions from elsewhere. Many cultures relate legends of hairy, humanoid creatures that lurk in the wilds, rarely seen.

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Deepstaria enigmatica
Underwater drilling camera catches giant sea creature
(May 10, 2012)

A mysterious creature was caught by underwater cameras recently during deep-sea drilling near the United Kingdom. The camera catches the giant blob – which looks brown in color and appears to have scales – floating around, with organs and appendages sticking out, something rarely ever seen before. (Thank you to Michael Olsen)

Read more. Source: CBS Tampa

Strange sighting in Sri Lanka
What was UFO sighting in Sri Lanka?
(Mar 19, 2012)

Classified files released by the National Archives have revealed an RAF officer had a close encounter while on holiday in Sri Lanka. The man took images of the UFO which were found in declassified papers held by the Ministry of Defence. Dr David Clarke, author of The UFO Files and senior lecturer in journalism from Sheffield Hallam University, said more UFO sightings happen when Hollywood films are made about aliens.

Read more. Source: BBC

woolly mammoths
Blue marble mystery rains over Dorset garden
(Jan 30, 2012)

The sky turned dark, then yellow, then blue balls began dropping out of the sky. Not the start of a science fiction film but Steve Hornsby's account of a strange happening in his back yard in Dorset. Hornsby is trying to find out what the transparent, marble-sized objects that peppered his home in Bournemouth could be. The 61-year-old said he was walking to his garage at around 4.10pm on Thursday when what he thought was an ordinary storm hit. He took shelter but once the downpour had finished he noticed the lawn was dotted with blue balls.

Read more. Source: The Guardian

woolly mammoths
Russian scientists to attempt clone of woolly mammoth
(Dec 8, 2011)

Scientists from Russia and Japan are undertaking a Jurassic Park-style experiment in an effort to bring the woolly mammoth out of extinction. The scientists claim that a thigh bone found in August contains remarkably well-preserved marrow cells, which could form the starting point of the experiment. The team claim that the cloning could be complete within the next five years.

Read more. Source: BBC

common toad
How animals predict earthquakes
(Dec 2, 2011)

Animals may sense chemical changes in groundwater that occur when an earthquake is about to strike. This, scientists say, could be the cause of bizarre earthquake-associated animal behavior. Researchers began to investigate these chemical effects after seeing a colony of toads abandon its pond in L'Aquila, Italy, in 2009 – days before a quake.

Read more. Source: BBC

Cyclops shark
Cyclops shark joins ranks of cryptic creatures
(Oct 24, 2011)

It pays to be skeptical at reports of strange things – including an albino fetal shark with one eye smack in the middle of its nose like a Cyclops. But the Cyclops shark, sliced from the belly of a pregnant mama dusky shark caught by a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of California earlier this summer, is by all reports real. Shark researchers have examined the preserved creature and found that its single eye is made of functional optical tissue, they said last week.

Read more. Source: Scientific American

Siberian forest
Siberia home to yeti, bigfoot enthusiasts insist
(Oct 10, 2011)

The vast Siberian tundra holds untold mysteries, from once-secret nuclear installations to alleged UFO crash sites. Now, a team of scientists insist they are "95%" sure that Russia's wintry expanse is home to the mythical yeti, otherwise known as the abominable snowman.

Read more. Source: The Guardian

'First Irish case' of death by spontaneous combustion
(Sep 23, 2011)

A man who burned to death in his home died as a result of spontaneous combustion, an Irish coroner has ruled. It is believed to be the first case of its kind in Ireland. West Galway coroner Dr Ciaran McLoughlin said it was the first time in 25 years of investigating deaths that he had returned such a verdict.

Read more. Source: BBC

Artist's impression of the orang pendek
On the trail of the orang pendek, Sumatra's mystery ape
(Sep 8, 2011)

The Indonesian island of Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world. In its west part remain vast tracts of forest, among them Kerinci Seblat National Park which covers 13,791 square kilometers – about the size of Montenegro. It is from these forests that reports of a species of ape that walks upright and is unknown to science have been emerging for almost 100 years.

Read more. Source: The Guardian

Underground river discovered 4km beneath the Amazon
(Aug 27, 2011)

Covering more than 7 million square kilometers in South America, the Amazon basin is one of the biggest river systems in the world. But it turns out we have only known half the story until now. Brazilian scientists have found a new river in the Amazon basin – around 4km underneath the Amazon river. The Rio Hamza, named after the head of the team of researchers who found the groundwater flow, appears to be as long as the Amazon river but up to hundreds of times wider.

Read more. Source: The Guardian

Retford town hall UFO
UK MoD files on UFO sightings released
(Aug 11, 2011)

Newly released UK government files on UFOs show a lack of will and resources to study thousands of reported sightings. The UK Ministry of Defence files released by the National Archives cover reported sightings of UFOs from 1985 to 2007. In one, a military officer predicts embarrassment if the public discovered a "lack of funds and higher priorities" were stopping UFO investigations.

Read more. Source: BBC

Blue tit in pitcher plant
Killer plant "eats" bird
(Aug 5, 2011)

A plant has killed and "eaten" a blue tit at a garden nursery in Somerset, England. Nurseryman Nigel Hewitt-Cooper, from West Pennard, was inspecting his tropical garden when he discovered one of his pitcher plants had trapped the bird. He said he was "absolutely staggered" to find it had caught the creature.

Read more. Source: BBC

The silhouette was left by the bird's powder down - a substance protecting growing feathers
Owl leaves imprint on window
(Jul 11, 2011)

A woman returned to her home in the north of England to find a near perfect imprint of an owl on her window. The bird had apparently crashed into the window of Sally Arnold's Kendal home, leaving the bizarre image – complete with eyes, beak and feathers. Experts said the silhouette was left by the bird's "powder down" – a substance protecting growing feathers.

Read more. Source: BBC

Tibetan singing bowl
Mystery of the Tibetan singing bowls solved
(Jul 1, 2011)

Ceremonial Tibetan "singing bowls" are beginning to give up their secrets. The water-filled bowls, when rubbed with a leather-wrapped mallet, exhibit a lively dance of water droplets as they emit a haunting sound. Now, high-speed video has unveiled just what occurs in the bowls; droplets can actually bounce on the water's surface.

Read more. Source: BBC

Purported Yeti hand and scalp replicas
'Yeti hand' replica to be returned to Nepal monastery
(Apr 29, 2011)

A pilot from New Zealand is in Nepal to return a replica of what some believe is the hand of a yeti to a remote monastery in the Everest region. Mike Allsop will fly from Kathmandu to the Everest region on Friday to take the models to Pangboche Monastery, which sits at 4,000m (13,123ft). The originals were stolen from the monastery in the 1990s.

Read more. Source: BBC

Dornier 17 in wartime action
Last Dornier 17 found intact on Goodwind Sands
(Apr 8, 2011)

The discovery of a unique German warplane off the coast of Kent, England, has stunned experts. New images suggest the Dornier 17, known as "the flying pencil", has remained intact under the sea and there are now hopes that it will be recovered and put on display. The slim, elegant aircraft, originally designed in 1934 to carry passengers, had been converted by the start of World War II into a deadly weapon.

Read more. Source: BBC

Rendlesham incident reconstruction
UFO files reveal 'Rendlesham incident' papers missing
(Mar 3, 2011)

Intelligence papers on a reported UFO sighting known as the "Rendlesham incident" have gone missing, files from the National Archives reveal. The missing files relate to a report of mysterious lights from US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980. The disappearance came to light with the release of 8,000 previously classified documents on UFOs.

Read more. Source: BBC

Scores of dead birds have been sent off for scientific analysis to determine the cause of death
Fireworks may have caused Arkansas bird deaths
(Jan 3, 2011)

US scientists believe fireworks may have caused thousands of birds to fall from the sky over an Arkansas town on New Year's Eve. Karen Rowe, of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said the red-winged blackbirds probably flew low to avoid explosions and collided with objects. However, she stopped short of declaring the mystery solved, saying further tests on the dead birds are planned.

Read more. Source: BBC

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