2004 VD17

2004 VD17 is a near-Earth asteroid which, for several months in early 2006, topped the league of potentially hazardous asteroids as measured by the Torino scale. Although its rating was only 2 ("impact very unlikely") on this scale, it was only the second asteroid to achieve even this modest value. Based on observations available at the time, 2004 VD17 was estimated to have a 1 in 1600 chance of striking the Earth on May 4, 2102, and a 1 in 500,000 chance of hitting two years later. The odds of a collision in 2102 have now been reduced to 1 in 63,000 and the asteroid's Torino rating to 1.


2004 VD17 is about 580 m across. It was discovered on Nov 7, 2004 by the LINEAR asteroid survey.

diameter 500–1,200 m
albedo 0.1?
eccentricity 0.589
semi-major axis 1.508 AU
perihelion 0.620 AU
aphelion 48.07 AU
orbital period 676.47 days
inclination 4.22°