Keyhoe, Donald E. (1897–1988)

Donald Keyhoe

Donald Keyhoe.

Keyhoe's book The Flying Saucers 
      are Real

Keyhoe's book The Flying Saucers are Real.

Donald Keyhow was a retired Marine Corps major and pilot, turned freelance writer, who became interested in the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects in 1949 following a meeting with Ken Purdy, the editor of True magazine, and a proponent of the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Keyhoe became convinced that UFOs were alien spacecraft and that the government was hiding this fact from the public to avoid mass panic. He set forth his conspiracy theory in an article, "The Flying Saucers are Real," in True's Jan 1950 issue, then in a book of the same name published later that year.1 His claims, although unsupported by scientific evidence or named sources, attracted much popular interest and were given a boost by the wave of UFO sightings in the early 1950s (see 'Washington Invasion') and the instigation of Project Blue Book. In 1957, Keyhoe became director of a UFO club known as the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.



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