Roswell Incident, GAO report

Roswell GAO report cover

The Roswell GAO report is the outcome of an independent inquiry by the General Accounting Office (GAO), the investigative arm of the US Congress, into the Roswell Incident almost half a century earlier. Published in July 1995, the report effectively closed the casebook on the matter - at least, at an official level. Its conclusion: the Air Force was now telling the truth (see Roswell Incident, USAF report). The crash had not involved a weather balloon as originally claimed but a covert military balloon intended to supply early warning of a nuclear attack. Bizarrely, some of the minor components of the balloon's payload had been supplied by a New York novelty company whose fancy labels were misinterpreted by eyewitnesses at the crash site as alien inscriptions. The GAO also concluded that a document known as "Majestic 12," which some UFO buffs claim is a secret government document outlining procedures to be followed when handling the putative Roswell craft and its occupants, is a forgery.