SETI: A Critical History: Important Events

Important SETI events, from the thesis


SETI's Scope


How the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Became Disconnected from New Ideas About Extraterrestrials


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Mark A. Sheridan
Drew University
May 2009


1959 Cocconi & Morrison's paper on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI)
1960 Frank Drake conducts the first SETI search
1961 Byurakan-I, the Soviet Union's first SETI conference
1966 Shklovskii's and Sagan's Intelligent Life in the Universe
1969 Kaplan's Byurakan-I follow-up text
1970 National Aeronautic and Space Administration's (NASA) first SETI conference
1971 Project Cyclops
Byurakan-II, the first international SETI conference
1974 NASA approves its first SETI funding
1975 The "Morrison workshops"
The Library of Congress report on SETI submitted to Congress
1976 NASA establishes a SETI Program Office under Billingham
Shklovskii publishes his skepticism about SETI
1978 Congress approves its first SETI funding
1979 NASA holds Life in the Universe conference
Proxmire awards a "Golden Fleece" to SETI
Congress fails to appropriate approved funding for SETI
1982 Proxmire succeeds in eliminating all SETI funding
The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recommends a modest SETI program
1983 NASA begins the "R&D" phase of its SETI program
1984 The International Astronomical Union's (IAU) first Commission 51 conference
1990 NASA's SETI program approved
1992 NASA's SETI program begins searching
1993 Funding for NASA's SETI program cancelled
1995 SETI Institute's Project Phoenix continues part of NASA program
2007 Allen Telescope Array begins SETI-style searches


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