What is energy?

Figure 1. What is energy?

Different energy sources

Figure 2. Different energy sources.

Types of energy

Figure 3. Types of energy.

fossil fuels

Figure 4. Fossil fuels.

renewable energy

Figure 5. Renewable energy.

renewable energy

Figure 6. Renewable energy.

energy survey

Figure 7. Energy survey.

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What is energy?


Energy is the ability to do work (see Figure 1).


Our energy comes from natural resources, which are either renewable, sustainable, or non-renewable (see Figure 2).


Copy the picture in Figure 3 and complete the outer ring with examples of different types of energy.


Fossil Fuels


Discover more about fuels that are millions of years old (see Figure 4).


Renewable Energy


Renewable energy sources offer a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources are widely available, and will be for the foreseeable future. However, this energy supply can be unreliable and the quantities are relatively small and hard to store. See Figure 5 and 6.


Have a go


Carry out an energy survey and find out how much energy is needed to light your home (see Figure 7).