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Jodrell Bank

Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank
The Lovell Telescope
The radio astronomy observatory of the University of Manchester, located near Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. Jodrell Bank, now known as the Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics, is home to the 76-meter (250-foot) Lovell Telescope (formerly known as the Mark IA), completed in 1957 under the direction of Bernard Lovell, the first director of the Observatory; this instrument was the first giant steerable radio telescope in the world and is still the third largest of its type.

Jodrell Bank is the operations center for the MERLIN (Multi-element Radio-linked Interferometer Network), a dedicated network of radio telescopes in the United Kingdom for long-baseline interferometry with separations of up to 217 km. It will also be the location for the development office for the Square Kilometre Array, which, when built, will be the world's largest radio telescope.

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