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wind energy, environmental impact

wind farm
Wind energy is considered a green power technology because it has only minor impacts on the environment. Wind energy plants produce no air pollutants or greenhouse gases. However, any means of energy production impacts the environment in some way, and wind energy is no different.

Aesthetics and Visual Impacts – Elements that influence visual impacts include the spacing, design, and uniformity of the turbines

Birds and Other Living Resources – Preconstruction surveys can indicate whether birds or other living resources are likely to be affected by wind turbines

Global Warming – Wind energy can help fight global warming. Wind turbines produce no air emissions or greenhouse gases

Lightning – Ongoing research and increased operator experience are improving the understanding of lightning and wind turbines

Noise – Like all mechanical systems, wind turbines produce some noise when they operate. In recent years, engineers have made design changes to reduce the noise from wind turbines

TV / Radio Interference – In the past, older turbines with metal blades caused television interference in areas near the turbine. Interference from modern turbines is unlikely because many components formerly made of metal are now made from composites

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